Welcome to Shinecology

Our hope for this organization is to build a sense of community around pediatric cancer families by connecting them to other cancer families and their resources in the community.

Shinecology was founded by two pediatric cancer moms and a registered nurse who all know first-hand the challenges families face after diagnosis.  Easton Brown, Paige’s youngest, was diagnosed with Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma in Sept of 2016.  He went through six months of intense chemotherapy along with two months of proton radiation and is currently in remission.  Aden Schmidt, Sheri’s son, was diagnosed Oct of 2014 with TCell Lymphoma and went through a three year treatment plan to include intense chemotherapy and regular spinal taps.  He is currently in remission but, as is the case with many kids out of treatment, still being treated for side effects including growth hormone deficiency and muscle atrophy.  Sandra, a registered nurse and Aden’s aunt, has been directly impacted by cancer not only in the workplace and with her nephew, but also with multiple other family members and friends.  She knows just how important it is to have a community around those diagnosed to provide support and love.

Every diagnosis and story is different but the emotions are very much the same.  We seek to lessen the burdens on these families so they can focus on each other and their child.

Our Mission

Connect pediatric cancer families to each other and their community resources.